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Bat Yam, Balfour 9

Tel.: 03-506-4810
Mob.: 052-828-1647

Opening hours: Mon - Sat 12 AM - 11 PM

Sunday - closed





The strength of this unique spirit lies in a fine harmony of seville orange and sweet orange. It starts with intense taste of oranges, followed by cold of the ice and then it hits you with the strength of alcohol. Cointreau is followed by soft, warm sensation and has a lingering finish of oranges and seville oranges.



Drambuie liquor uses a combination of malt Scottish whisky and local heather honey as a base. Other ingredients are known only to MacKinnon family and remain an expert’s guess.



This liquor is produced from natural fresh sour cherry which is soaked in alcohol for a long period of time to achieve optimum extraction of aromatic substances.



Produced from natural fresh black currant berries, soaked in alcohol for a long period of time to achieve harmonious extraction of aromatic substances.



Based on natural cocoa beans from Holland.



Produced with natural cocoa beans from Holland and cream.



Nice and tasty liquor, based on high quality charcoal triple-filtered vodka, with added natural extracts from the Mediterranean.


Certificate Of Excellence

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Location of the restaurant:

City: Bat Yam,
Street: Balfour 9,
Phone: 03-506-4810
Mobile: 052-828-1647


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