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Bat Yam, Balfour 9

Tel.: 03-506-4810
Mob.: 052-828-1647

Opening hours: Mon - Sat 12 AM - 11 PM

Sunday - closed



The glutton

Oh Molly, Molly, Molly
I've eaten too much pie
I've eaten too much custard
I think I'm going to die!

Just one more plate of Jelly
Before I pass away
Another glass of lemonade
And then no more I say!

Perhaps just one more banana
And one more lollipop
A little slice of Eccles cake
And then I'll HAVE to stop!

So now one more one more
and one more slice of ham
and now goodbye forever
But first some bread and jam

So now I die, goodbye again
But pass the Stilton cheese
And as I slowly pass away
Just one more dinner please.

 Terence Alan Milligan ('Spike')

Certificate Of Excellence

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Location of the restaurant:

City: Bat Yam,
Street: Balfour 9,
Phone: 03-506-4810
Mobile: 052-828-1647


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