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Bat Yam, Balfour 9

Tel.: 03-506-4810
Mob.: 052-828-1647

Opening hours: Mon - Sat 12 AM - 11 PM

Sunday - closed



"YORSH" best restaurant - for genuine food lovers

 Who would have thought that such home-cooked dishes which are on the menu in any house as hash browns, meat dumplings, pancakes, filled pastas, jellied meat or skewers can be rendered into real gourmet dishes? Unbelievable, but true – chef cook Olga who had opened a restaurant (‘YORSH’ restaurant in Israel, 9 Balfour Street, Bat Yam), seems to have achieved just that. A very welcoming and cosy place where you can get a hearty meal!

Restaurant YORSH’s chef collected unique Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bavarian, German and French recipes, popular and tested by generations.

Thanks to our meat grill with a special finish surface, ordered and delivered from United States, meats taste particularly tender and juicy.

The chef prepares by himself not only pickles and marinades, but also frankfurters, sausages, gammon roast, and the unique taste of the sauces developed and prepared in the chef’s kitchen will leave you wanting to come back for more.

But it is not only traditional cuisine YORSH Restaurant has on the offer: there are also true seafood delicacies, ranging from crab meat and salmon, different calibre and method of cooking prawns to black or red caviar blinis. More than half of the dishes had been developed and tested by the restaurant’s chef. And every dish is a food lover’s delight!

Pleasant interior, quiet and relaxed atmosphere, home like cosiness and delightful aromas of food being cooked from the kitchen – all this even more prepares a customer for a wonderful meeting with restaurant’s culinary delights!

YORSH restaurant had already become a popular place for sports lovers. A comprehensive range of beers and lagers, as well as large flat screen TVs broadcasting all major sports events, attract large and tightly woven male companies. If you are looking for a place to spend a romantic evening together though, this will be an ideal spot: cosiness, delicious food, a wide selection of reserve wines and other alcoholic drinks.

At YORSH restaurant you can place an order for a special occasion dish – these are dishes that take time to prepare, for example, a lamb shoulder, marinated according to an exclusive recipe or a roast boneless leg of pork weighing 5 to 10 kg. These are dishes you will not cook at home, but you can order them here!

We also take reservations for various functions and events, including family events. You will not be charged based on “per head”. We can tailor our menu to each one of your guest’s individual taste, and charge only for what has been ordered.

YORSH Restaurant operates home orders delivery as well. If you live in Bat-Yam or Central District of Israel, you can order any dish or drink to be delivered to your address or to your hotel room and pay by credit card.

It is well worth mentioning that YORSH restaurant is easy to reach and there is no problem with parking. Unlike many other gourmet restaurants in Israel, YORSH Restaurant offers really generous portions, in the best Russian tradition – you can hardly eat what is on your plate! And prices, as they say in Israel, are people’s prices. A main course (a very large portion) will set you back 55 to 100 shekels.

YORSH restaurant is open in the evening and during lunch time and afternoon hours – we are open every day from 12:00 to 23:00, and on Friday and Saturday – till the last customer. You can have a tasty lunch here; in the evening this is an ideal spot to relax in a pleasant company of friends.


Certificate Of Excellence

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Location of the restaurant:

City: Bat Yam,
Street: Balfour 9,
Phone: 03-506-4810
Mobile: 052-828-1647


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